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Difficult questions involving symmetry are solved by means of geometrical theories and methods.

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In accordance with it, and by giving heed to these theories, one can easily bring a theatre to perfection, from the point of view of the nature of the voice, so as to give pleasure to the audience. Chapter IV "Sand" Sec. Hence the strongest burnt brick walls are those which are constructed out of old roofing tiles.

Eolipiles are hollow bronze balls, with a very small opening through which water is poured into them. Water organs too, and the other instruments which resemble them cannot be made by one who is without the principles of music. By this I mean the selection of modules from the members of the work itself and, starting from these individual parts of members, constructing the whole work to correspond.

They never began to build defensive works in a place until after they had made many such trials and satisfied themselves that good water and food had made the liver sound and firm. The requirements of that season render them empty and swollen, and so they are weak and feeble because of their looseness of texture.

In that gathering of men, at a time when utterance of sound was purely individual, from daily habits they fixed upon articulate words just as these had happened to come; then, from indicating by name things in common use, the result was that in this chance way they began to talk, and thus originated conversation with one another.


This is found when the members of a work are of a height suited to their breadth, of a breadth suited to their length, and, in a word, when they all correspond symmetrically. Hence, its consistence being naturally stiff, it does not easily bend under the load, and keeps its straightness when used in the framework.

Thus treated, it will not let the hoarfrost enter it. But when the members are inclined to the front, as described above, they will seem the beholder to be plumb and perpendicular. Is autem memoratur prudenter doctissimeque dixisse, oportuisse hominum pectora fenestrata et aperta esse, uti non occultos haberent sensus sed patentes ad considerandum.

For example, other rights such as publicity, privacy, or moral rights may limit how you use the material.

This kind however has these defects when used in masonry: Oh that nature, following his idea, had constructed them thus unfolded and obvious to the view. For if a man be placed flat on his back, with his hands and feet extended, and a pair of compasses centered at his navel, the fingers and toes of his two hands and feet will touch the circumference of a circle described therefrom.

Others made walls of lumps of dried mud, covering them with reeds and leaves to keep out the rain and the heat. This precaution should be observed, not only with dimension stone, but also with the rubble which is to be used in walls. These vessels are arranged with a view to musical concords or harmony, and apportioned in the compass of the fourth, the fifth, and the octave, and so on up to the double octave, in such a way that when the voice of an actor falls in unison with any of them its power is increased, and it reaches the ears of the audience with greater clearness and sweetness.

It arises from prescription, from usage, or from nature.

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You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. So the reader of Ctesibius or Archimedes and the other writers of treatises of the same class will not be able to appreciate them unless he has been trained in these subjects by the philosophers.

The voice is a flowing breath, made sensible to the organ of hearing by the movements it produces in the air. Give it a high foundation so that it may nowhere come in contact with the broken stone-work composing the floor The Greeks, however, do not build so; but laying their stones level and building every other stone lengthwise into the thickness, they do not fill the space between, but construct the thickness of their walls in one solid and unbroken mass from the facings to the interior.

But it contains so much heat that it generates and encourages decay, which spoils it; and it also kindles fire quickly because of the air in its body, which is so open that it takes in fire and so gives out a great flame.

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Old as these are, they look as fresh as if they were only just finished. This was how Dinocrates, recommended only by his good looks and dignified carriage, came to be so famous.

Lime made of close-grained stone of the harder sort will be good in structural parts; lime of porous stone, in stucco. In the same way, increase or diminution of the proportion of air or of the earthy which is natural to the body may enfeeble the other elements.

In the afternoon watch the shadow of your gnomon as it lengthens, and when it once more touches the circumference of this circle and the shadow in the afternoon is equal in length to that of the morning, mark it with a point. Of these the best will be found to be that which crackles when rubbed in the hand, while that which has much dirt in it will not be sharp enough.

Perceiving that nature had been lavish in the bestowal of timber and bountiful in stores of building material, they The accommodations within the city walls being thus multiplied as a result of the many floors high in the air, the Roman people easily find excellent places in which to live.

Dig down to solid bottom, if it can be found, and lay them therein, going as deep as the magnitude of the proposed work seems to require. When they are interrupted by obstructions, the first waves, flowing back, break up the formation of those which follow.

This knowledge is the child of practice and theory. Apollo at Delphi, through the oracular utterance of his priestess, pronounced Socrates the wisest of men. Therefore, if limestone, without being burned, is merely pounded up small and then mixed with sand and so put into the work, the mass does not solidify nor can it hold together.

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Business plan ppt italiano vero
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